Roku Activation Code & Roku Tv Setup

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Unlock the Most Amazing Source of Entertainment with Roku TV Setup

Streaming has undoubtedly become one of the most integral parts of our lives. Roku is one device that is the most amazing source of endless streaming. It has been the pioneer in the streaming industry much before. It became such a huge trend and now that everyone is habitual to it Roku is playing its magic. (Roku setup)

Roku is an amazing device that once connected to your TV and set-top box.

After Roku TV Setup is done. You stream unlimited channels, shows, movies, songs and so much more on your TV screen. 

All you need is a Roku device, a Roku account, and Roku activation code to complete Roku Setup which will unlock unlimited, uninterrupted, and amazing entertainment on your television box. It’s a single source of unlimited entertainment and you can have access to all the platforms if you have got Roku.

Starting from Amazon Prime, Hotstar, Voot, Hulu, Sony liv, Netflix, YouTube everything will be accessible to you on your TV screen. Not just this, along with it Roku Setup will get access to thousands of channels like CBC, ABC, HBO, Star World, Geo, Discovery, and many more. Imagine the level of entertainment you will be getting with just one Roku TV setup. So, what are you waiting for get your Roku device and go for create account to get started.

How to Get the Roku Activation Code and Roku TV setup on

First of all, the most important step for the Roku setup is to get the Roku activation code. For that you have to follow the below-mentioned steps on Url Roku com link:

The initial steps of the Roku TV setup require you to connect the device to the TV. For that use the given cords and cables to connect it to the TV box. When you have connected the Roku device to the TV you will the option to select language on the screen. Choose your language and go ahead.

roku setup

Now, connect your Roku device with a stable and strong internet connection. You can either use a wired connection and connect Roku with a router with the help of an Ethernet cable or you can go for easy ad wireless Wi-Fi connection.

In both cases, when Roku is finally connected to the internet source a Roku activation code to be displayed on your screen. Which you will use to complete the Roku TV setup on

Roku TV Setup Process:

So, let us start with the Roku setup process. For that, you have to follow the below-mentioned steps. The process is easy and once you are done.

You will turn your TV into a source of amazing, educational, informational, new, fresh, and latest source content. So, let’s get started with the Roku TV setup:

First of all, use your laptop, computer, or tablet and type in URL and press enter.

Once the webpage opens you will see a prompt that will ask for your Roku Activation Code. Type the Roku activation code and press enter.

Now, you will need to enter your Roku account details on create account:

roku activation code

Create a Roku Account

In case, you already have a Roku account use the right credentials to enter and activate your Roku device.

In case, you do not have a Roku account, you will need to create one on create account.

For that click on “create a new account” where you will be asked to fill in your first name and last name. Once you do that, move on to the next step and enter your Email address, and password and click enter. Now, verify the following details and your password to complete account registration.

After Roku setup, you will get access to thousands of free channels so you only have to pay for the paid ones if you want access to them. Once you have added channels to your preferences you can enjoy streaming them anytime. You can catch up on your favorite content from where you left it and enjoy the amazing streaming experience. with a single Roku TV setup opens the gate for unlimited entertainment opportunities for the entire family. Now, there will be something for everyone in the family to keep them entertained, educated, and updated with the latest content.

In case, you are facing problems any problems with the Roku TV setup you can get in touch with the support team which will help you in the best possible manner. Reach out to the official Roku Support team, through for more information

Roku Activation

The Roku device comes in many different forms, from set-top boxes to TV sets with the service built into them. With all of them, you are required to create a Roku account and add your channels to it and enjoy streaming at home.

What all you have to do is plug it in with the TV. Connected to the internet and then you can access more than 3500 channels that make them a host of the biggest content providers on the planet.

So, let’s start with the Roku Activation Process:

1. Plug the Roku where you find the HDMI port on your TV. The HDMI port can be found on the back of the TV. Connect it to a power source to switch it on.

2. Switch to the Roku’s input. Now you need to turn on your TV, then press and then switch to the audio/video mode.

roku activation code

3. Now, you will be taken to the Roku setup screen. From which point you can begin setting up your Roku account setup.

4. Select a language, then press OK on the remote.

5. Then you will be prompted to the Wi-Fi page. Where you will have to connect to your network by entering the password.

Once you have connected the Roku to the internet and the television, you have to turn it on, when you do that you will get a message to update it. Click on that and update it.

The device will be rebooted. You will see a Roku link code on your television screen. Wait for the Roku activation code to appear. Once you see a five-character activation code appear on-screen, you can proceed with activating your Roku Link code.

Now, you are ready for the setup. Let’s start with the process:

Start your laptop or computer and Open the browser and enter the URL in URL.

Once this web page opens, you have to enter the Roku Activation code in it.

Now, if you already have an account on Roku you can use that one to sign in and activate your ROKU device.

If you do not have a Roku account, you can create one Roku account free here. The simple process to create a new Roku account for Roku setup is:

Click on “create new account”

Enter your first and last name

Then you need to enter your email address, create a password and re-enter it to verify.

You have successfully completed new Roku account setup.

Roku Box and Roku TV setup

Once you have completed the Roku TV setup your device will be ready to stream unlimited online content on your television player without paying a penny extra to the cable connection dealer. It has taken our experience with entertainment to another level. They connect to the television and let you access so many channels through it. All you need is a running internet connection.

Let’s find more about Roku setup and what you can do after you have completed it:

You can access the Roku Channel Store on your Roku streaming player to add new “channels” up to the tune of 3500 channels all for free.

It’s like your smartphone device on which you download apps. These channels are similar to the apps on a smartphone as you have to download and install it and access them without paying anything. Like the Roku apps, some are free and some are paid.

roku account setup

Roku Tv Features

After the Roku TV setup, you can add specific channels, you can access unlimited movies, and TV shows, directly through the Roku channel store. Not only is this but there, even more, you can add to your library and Roku account.

In addition to that Roku, the setup provides access to music channels, sports, news, weather, religion, travel, education, shopping, themes, screensavers, photo applications, cartoon channels, lifestyle channels, personal media, games, and more.

You need is to plug it directly into a port on your TV and complete the Roku account setup. Get started with streaming content. This is the perhaps most cost-efficient and viable process that enables you to have unlimited entertainment.

How to setup Roku Wireless speakers?

Follow the steps mentioned below to set up your Roku Wireless speakers:

Step 1: You can place the speakers anywhere. You find fine within the range of 30 feet of the Roku Smart Soundbar. Roku TV is designed to work within that range. You can place it on either side of the couch or you can mount them to a wall or you can also attach them speaker stands which must be capable to safely support at least four pounds.

Step 2: Now connect the included power cables to each speaker then plug the other end into a wall outlet.

Step 3: As each of the speaker’s powers on the look for a flashing light. And on the back of the speaker to let you know that the speakers are ready to pair.

Step 4: Connect your Roku Soundbar or TV to the internet and update to the latest version and complete the Roku box activation, Roku account activation, and Roku account setup.

Step 5: After the Roku account setup press and hold the home button for five seconds on your Roku remote then select speaker. It will begin to search for the speaker automatically, the speakers begin pairing which may take a few movements.

Step 6: When pairing completes the speaker may need a software update to
provide you the latest available features. After that’s, do the process repeats for the second speaker.
Step 7: After that, you have to select which speaker is placed on the right. Which is placed on the left.

Step 8: Now confirm that you hear the sound playing from both of the speakers. If don’t hear the sound select the option. That you don’t hear the sound and follow the on-screen troubleshooting process. Your Roku box activation is done.
You are all set to experience the epic sound of the Roku Wireless speakers.



Find the available HDMI input in our TV be sure to notice which HDMI input you choose as we’ll need to tune your TV to the same source next insert one end to each HDMI cable into an HDMI input on the TV and the other end goes into the Roku streaming player. Now in your remote toggle, the button labeled input source. Here the first step of Roku Express activation has been done.

setup roku express+


Now connect one end of the micro USB cord into the Roku player. For more
convenient Roku express+ activation, use included power adapter to plug
directly into the wall. In a few moments, Roku express+ activation will initiate showing the Roku logo on the screen. Now insert the included battery into the remote. Now select your language.


Now for further Roku express activation, connect your Roku player to your network. Select your wireless network and enter the password. All three green ticks tell a successful Roku express activation while a red X indicates trouble.

Now your Roku player will download the latest software so that you get the
latest features and channels. After the Roku player has downloaded. Press ok on your remote and it will determine the best resolution for our TV. If you’re satisfied with the resolution press to confirm. After this, you’ll see Roku express activation screen now.


Follow the screen prompts to create a Roku account on the Roku player or directly sign in to your Roku account if in case you already have one. Finally, add your favorite channels now so they’ll be ready to stream on your TV. Remember you can always remove the channel that you no longer want to see or add the channel that you want in your TV.

Now click continue by going on the bottom of the page to continue the Roku express activation process on your TV screen.
You’ll see your selected channels getting added to your Roku player. Here your Roku activation code has ended and you’re all ready to stream your favorite channel on the Roku player.



  • First, find an available HDMI input on your TV for 4k choose an HDMI 2.2 port your TV for 4k choose an HDMI 2.2 port be sure to notice which HDMI input you choose so you can also tune your TV to the same source then insert the streaming stick. Now on your TV remote look for the button labeled input or source or something similar to toggle to the same input you use for the Roku streaming stick + activation.
roku streaming stick setup


  • Now let’s power up your Roku streaming stick plus and remote. First, connect one end of the power cord into the stick. For making Roku streaming stick+ activation conveniently use the included power adapter to plug directly into a wall outlet.
  • In a few minutes, Roku streaming stick+ activation will start with the display of the Roku logo on the screen of the TV. Now insert the included batteries a light inside the compartment of the remote will start flashing indicating the Roku streaming stick+ activation. Then select your language.


Now for Roku streaming stick+ activation, let’s connect the Roku player to the network. Select your wireless network and enter the password. All three green checks tell that you’re close to the Roku streaming stick+ activation. Now your Roku player will download the latest software so you get the latest feature and channel updates automatically.

You’ll be prompted to set the display type. After download the latest software with the help of the player. Press OK on your remote and it will automatically determine the best resolution for your TV. Once the resolution will be set. The Roku streaming stick plus activation screen will be visible.

STEP-4 Activating Roku streaming stick+

For the last step, activating Roku streaming stick+. Follow the on-screen prompts to create and activate Roku account 0n your Roku player, or if you
have a Roku account just sign in. Now finally, add some favorite channels so we’ll be ready to stream on our TV.

You can always add more and of course, delete any if you no longer need them. Then scroll to the bottom of the page and click continue to complete the activation process on your TV. On your screen, you’ll see your added channel to your Roku player.

Roku Ultra Activation:

  • Make sure to remove the battery cover off of the back of the Roku ultra remote to activate Roku.
  • Connect the AC Adapter, Ethernet, and HDMI cable to the back of your Roku remote.
  • The Roku Ultra will power on automatically. Set your TV to display the input. To set up the Roku Ultra connect Roku Ultra
  • A Roku Pair Your Remote screen appears.
  • A Roku enhanced Remote Pairing screen appears briefly while the remote is being paired with your Roku Ultra.
  • After the pairing is complete, let’s get started. The screen appears to activate Roku.
roku ultra setup
  • Highlight your language using the arrow keys on your remote, and then press “OK” to select your language.
  • Connect to the Internet screen appears.
  • Choose either Wireless or Wired as your Internet connection.
  • If you choose Wired, your connection will just be tested. You won’t have to enter username and password information for the Roku TV setup.

  • However, if you choose Wireless, you’ll need to select “Select Up New Wireless Connection”, choose your Wireless network, and then enter the required username and password to access that network for the Roku TV setup.
  • A message will appear after connecting, to your screen. This shows Roku Ultra updated to the latest version. And will restart automatically. The device will be rebooted to the Set Display Type Screen.
  • The About Your HDMI Connection screen appears with information about your connected display. Select “OK, go to automatic” to activate Roku.

  • Select “Check Remote Settings”. You’ll go through some screens asking you to confirm whether or not you can hear music playing through speakers.
  • You will have an option to enter your TV’s to see if Roku can find an option that allows your remote to control your TV’s power and volume levels.
  • After configuring your Roku remote, the Activate your Roku screen appears.
  • You’ll need to sign in your Roku account before you can activate your device.
  • Now, add channels and update them. Your Roku Ultra activation is now ready to use!


If you are new to Roku, then this article will help you to get all the information you need. Read through this article and you get to know eventually.


STEP 1: Determine which audio/video connection to use.

HDMI, if available is recommended. A single HDMI cable can carry both audio/video signals. It supports up to 1080p HD videos, if compatible. A combined composite and analog audio cable is included with every Roku player.

STEP 2: Determine which networking type to use:

To sign in Roku will you be using wired or wireless networking to connect your Roku player?

*Wireless (All Models)- This is the most familiar way Roku sign in. Make sure you have the appropriate wireless network name (SSID) and your wireless security password if you have one.
*Wired (Roku XS Model)- You need a standard Ethernet cable to sign in.

STEP 3: Connect to your TV:

For Roku login, Insert one end of the HDMI cable into an HDMI port of your
television. Insert the other end of the HDMI cable into the HDMI port on the back of your Roku player.

roku sign in

Insert the yellow/red/white composite video and audio connections from one end of the cable into the corresponding A/V in the ports of your TV.
Do not connect your Roku through a VCR as video signals fed through it may be affected by copyright protection systems

STEP 4: Connect to your network:

To do Roku login, if you are using a wireless network, make sure you know
your wireless network name(SSID), and its password as well. And if you are using a wired (Roku XS Model), connect one end of an Ethernet network cable to the Ethernet port on the back of the Roku player and the other end to an available Ethernet port on your router to Roku sign in.

STEP 5: Turn it on and get started!

Once connected, the Roku player will boot up and display the following

the sequence of screens:

*Roku- Starting, please wait.
*Roku- Launching home screen.
*Welcome to the Roku Player.
-Press OK to begin the Roku sign in.
-Settings – You have 2 options to connect the player to your router and you
can choose any to of them.

-Wired (Roku XS Model)-Use an Ethernet cable to connect your player to
the router.
-Wireless (All Models)- On the subsequent screens, you will select your wireless network name and enter the security password for setup. After the successful Roku login, the Roku player will automatically download and install the latest software.

STEP 6: Complete the setup

After the restart, you will be asked to select the time zone. Change to the
correct time zone. The next screen will display a unique code toling your Roku player.
Roku login your Roku account or create a new Roku account by the visit